Caveman Ads Getting Old

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What started out being mildly funny has now become embarrassingly stale. Do you still laugh at those cave man auto insurance commercials? Of course not. It’s played. They should really retire that whole concept before it turns into something ugly that does damage to the company image. That is, if you can even name the company who runs those ads. Can you? Yeah, most of you probably can, despite the fact that these commercials have absolutely nothing to do with selling auto insurance.

For those of you that can’t name the company, it’s Geico. This isn’t their only ad campaign currently running. Unfortunately it isn’t their only bad ad campaign currently running either. They also have that stupid gecko with the British accent being followed around by the naturalist (who also has a British accent) observing his behavior. What’s that about? Humor? Couldn’t somebody have told these guys that those spots are not even remotely funny? And what’s with all the English accents when trying to sell auto insurance in America? If this is British humor, that might explain things – but it still doesn’t excuse the bad ads.

All right I’m going to give Geico a break here and recognize them for an outstanding ad campaign that they ran in the recent past. The one where people in perilous situations set you up to hear them answer important questions with I just saved a ton of money on auto insurance by switching to Geico. That campaign rocked. Some of those commercials fooled absolutely everybody until the end when they pulled the “gotcha.” Usually they set you up to where somebody said But I have good news…. It was entertaining, it was brilliant, and most importantly it had everybody in America imitating it around the office water cooler (trying to “get” their co-workers with the But there is good news line).

The current ad campaigns really suck by comparison, especially the Geico gecko. The cave man ads started off being funny, because the characters in the ads are entertaining. But they have apparently played this angle out to it’s full potential. In the beginning just the angry stares of the characters were hilarious. But they were funny in a light-beer commercial kind of way, not in a way that does any real product branding.

It wasn’t long after the ad campaign started before a sitcom with the cavemen hit prime-time TV. It failed miserably and was soon canceled. Apparently they ran out of good plots just as fast as the commercials ran out of usable spins on the concept.

The current angle on the cavemen is having Geico signs pop up in unexpected places, resulting in the cavemen throwing their hands up in the air in disgust. It ain’t funny. It’s not entertaining. It’s…… old. I’m getting sick of these guys and I can’t imagine any new spins that are going to save them. If this company insists on pushing this ad campaign on us any further, they are going to be in danger of generating the same disgust the cavemen have for their company in the people watching the commercials. I am just about there.

And by the way, ads that depict people being disgusted with your company are a really stupid idea, no matter how you spin them.

Papa Riah



Lesbians Making Out on House

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Papa Riah doesn’t watch much prime-time television. I have tried and tried and tried, but there just isn’t much there that is even vaguely interesting to me. I’d rather watch the same old movie on AMC again that I’ve seen 74 times. However there is one show I like and that is House. Every Saturday night when Mama Riah and I get back from going out to dinner somewhere we plop ourselves down and watch our Tivo’d episode of House, rerun or not.

This week the show decided to push the envelope and opened with a steamy lesbian sex scene, involving one of the regular cast members (this season anyway). It was definitely the most risque such material that has ever been aired on network television, to date. And on my favorite program, nonetheless! They did it in such a way that it fit right in with the dark nature of the show – so unless you were really paying attention to what just happened, you probably wouldn’t notice or even think twice about it.

So they slipped one in on us, and as a result have effectively paved the way for all manner of homosexual sex scenes on prime-time television. That’s what just happened. You don’t see male homosexual sex scenes on TV yet because that is a much more graphic connotation. Men actually possess the tools to… um… violate each other, while female homosexual sex (for lack of a better word) seems like a harmless little vice by comparison. At least that’s how society sees it at the moment.

Twenty years ago no way would this have flown. Fifty years ago you’d have a hard time finding something this radical in a porno movie. Seriously! Today it’s on regular network prime-time television. Give it twenty more years and the way things are going you can expect hardcore male-homosexual sex scenes on Sesame Street. Sure, you laugh at that now. But the notion of this last episode of House airing anywhere outside of cable TV was unfathomable just twenty years ago. You cannot deny the direction in which things are headed, and unless something happens to stop it that’s where we are going.

And nothing will probably happen to stop it because the bottom line is nobody cares. Heck even I don’t really care that much about it, and that’s part of what is so interesting. Watching two women make out is uncomfortable to me, as it is to most of you normal people who haven’t yet been converted into total perverts. But we sit there and pretend it isn’t, because we are conforming to the progress (for lack of a better word) of our culture around us. So even Papa Riah is being gradually lulled into submission by the forces that are slowly but surely degrading our society.

If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water he will immediately jump out. But if you put him in a pot of room-temperature water and turn the heat on underneath, he will stay in there and slowly boil to death. We are all frogs in a pot of water folks, and the heat has been turned up. Anybody notice?

Papa Riah

PS. If you don’t think society is degrading fast just take a look at the Google ads which are displaying on this page.  You know Google doesn’t allow ads for gambling-related products? So what gives with this stuff?



Society Going Downhill

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This is the first post in a category that is close to Papa Riah’s heart. The downhill snowballing-effect that is spurring the degradation of our society is very saddening for somebody who sees social issues clearly. Now I know that I am in the minority on this viewpoint, and that is part of what is so sad. Society actually wants to degrade itself! I cannot deny this obvious fact. Most people want to be surrounded by a culture that displays less morals and ethics, not more. Everywhere you look traditional values have deteriorated and people are celebrating because of it.

Think about the 1950’s for a moment (no, Papa Riah was not born yet). The very popular TV show of the 70’s Happy Days depicted an era built around traditional values. If a girl had sex before marriage she actually received a bad reputation as a result. Sexually immoral connotations were banned from all forms of media. Curse words were not a prominent part of linguistics. Honesty was held in high esteem. And you know something? They all had a great time. After all the title of the show is Happy Days. How happy is everyone these days, really?

Contrast that against our present day society. I cannot drive a 15-mile stretch of freeway without being bombarded by billboards with hot young girls in their underwear posing in sexually suggestive positions. Prime time television shows blatantly celebrate sexual immorality. They’ve gone way past saying ass on TV/Radio and now can even add hole to that phrase. Incredibly popular reality shows reward the most back-stabbing, successful liar with million-dollar prizes – sending a clear message to our youth that this is how you get ahead in the world.

Frivolous lawsuits are running rampant as anybody who thinks they might be able to get some money will sue anybody over anything regardless of circumstance, actual liability, or true incurred damages. Late night television commercials for lawyers encouraging you to find somebody with money to sue are interspersed only by ads for sexual enhancement products. Apparently getting all the money you can legally steal and having as many orgasms as humanly possible are the only really important pursuits in life. And apparently it’s OK to let our children understand this at a young age.

Now I am not here to try and stop this or build some kind of moral minority group to make political statements. The reason why not is because there isn’t anything you or I or even a whole bunch of us can do about it. It’s a wasted effort fighting this battle, because it’s only going to continue to get worse. That’s a fact.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t call this stuff out and laugh about it. That’s what I am here for. It’s what I do. If you happen to agree with my point of view and are the type to try and do something about it, good for you. Go get ’em tiger. I’ll be rooting for you with every fiber of my heart, even as I know with every cell in my brain that you will fail.

Papa Riah

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