A Radical Muslim is a Good Muslim

By admin

Islam is one of the largest religions on the planet. There are a lot of misconceptions about it. The biggest one is that it is a generally peaceful religion and that the problems are caused by a handful of extremist nuts. The reality is that the extremist nuts are the ones who are truly practicing their religion, and all the peaceful Muslims are a bunch of hypocrites who pay their religion lip service – but don’t practice what it teaches. In other words, they are luke-warm Muslims. The overwhelming majority of those who practice Islam fall into this category. And it’s a good thing!

If all the Muslims in the world read the Quran and truly believed in it, the rest of us would be in for some serious trouble. Especially the Jews and Christians. They cannot live in peace with them according to their scriptures, and in fact are called out to kill all Jews and Christians. But they don’t. At least not yet. Many of the inactive Muslims are simply waiting for the proper time. But many more of them are just plain wimps.

The radical extremist Muslims think the time is now. The peaceful Muslims cannot disagree with their doctrine or what they are doing, just their timing. That’s important to understand. Muslims are called to kill all Jews and Christians (in that order) during the end times. The extremists say (correctly I might add) that the end times are here now and it’s time to get things started. The peaceful Muslims are a bunch of wishy-washy pansies who are afraid to get involved. Either that or they don’t want to give up their Tivo.

It’s obvious to anybody who was not brainwashed from childhood and who truly studies the religions of the world that Islam is a bunch of hogwash. Your eternal reward for abstaining from sin is an eternity of indulging in sin. Now how much sense does that make? I think it’s obvious who is responsible for this whole concept. The Quran, written some seven centuries after the Bible, was obviously written in direct contradiction to it. It doesn’t even have any original ideas, just a blatant opposition of the Bible. They have their own version of end-time prophecy, one in which the Muslims kill all the Jews and Christians and live happily ever after in eternity. You probably could have guessed that’s how it ends, right?

The really frightening thing is that leaders of Muslim nations not only believe in it, but are actively attempting to bring about the Islam end-time prophecies. Iran is now working frantically to develop nuclear weapons, the primary purpose of which is to use them against Israel. If you think the threat of mutual destruction will deter them from that, think again. That’s not how they roll. Surely 9/11 proved that. Mutual destruction suits them fine. After all, they have 72 virgins waiting for them in heaven to have eternal sex with.

So the only really good Muslim is a radical extremist. Don’t be mad at them. If you are going to get upset at somebody, yell at the rest of the Muslims for being hypocrites. While you are at it, you might also want to yell at your own government for being so blind.

Papa Riah