French Bashing is Idiotic, not Patriotic

By admin

It is just about the year 2009 and amazingly, many Americans are still harboring an anti-French attitude which was spawned in the early days of the current Iraq war (or whatever that has become). This is absolutely the stupidest thing I have witnessed in our society over the past decade. There is no doubt in my mind that those who have acquired this attitude, and have somehow managed to hang unto it, have not visited France in their lifetime. Most likely they are mindless drones who spend every spare moment watching television. Either that or they are hardcore right-wing politics addicts that have lost their ability to think clearly.

I remember back about five or six years ago when the topic was hot. It was France and Germany that were the targets of our collective irrational hate. They were the countries that would not directly support us (to a degree of our liking) in the Iraq war by sending troops. Those countries live a little close to that battlefield and decided to sit this one out.

Americans responded by refusing to order French fries at McDonalds and by boycotting German beer. (Stupid Americans that is. Papa Riah wouldn’t abandon German beer even if Hitler rose back to power, as I have my priorities straight.) They soon forgave Germany however – that one didn’t last long at all. But Americans held unto their French hatred for some inexplicable reason, many even to this day. For some reason stupid Americans just want to hate the French and will take any excuse to do so.

It doesn’t make sense. The war in Iraq is unpopular. The President associated with that war is unpopular. But bashing the French for not sending troops to that unpopular war led by that unpopular President is, somehow, popular.

Even for hardcore right-wingers this position is nothing more than pure unwarranted hatred. It isn’t much different from the Nazis hating the Jews (or the modern day Arabs hating the Jews, for that matter). There were plenty of other European countries who weren’t bullied into sending troops to Iraq. For example: Switzerland, Holland, and Denmark. Why aren’t they hated? What is it that makes the French such an easy target for bashing?

Perhaps many Americans forget that the French were our allies in the American Revolutionary war. If it wasn’t for their timely help we would not have won our independence in that war. The statue of liberty, the one universally recognized symbol of American freedom and national pride, was constructed by the French and given to us as a gift after our victory. My how soon we forget these things.

If you start talking about how you disrepect the French for being smart enough not to get involved in Iraq, be careful who you are talking to. That co-worker friend might actually turn out to be French. Then you will feel pretty stupid, won’t you? As you should.

Papa Riah