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French Bashing is Idiotic, not Patriotic

By admin

It is just about the year 2009 and amazingly, many Americans are still harboring an anti-French attitude which was spawned in the early days of the current Iraq war (or whatever that has become). This is absolutely the stupidest thing I have witnessed in our society over the past decade. There is no doubt in my mind that those who have acquired this attitude, and have somehow managed to hang unto it, have not visited France in their lifetime. Most likely they are mindless drones who spend every spare moment watching television. Either that or they are hardcore right-wing politics addicts that have lost their ability to think clearly.

I remember back about five or six years ago when the topic was hot. It was France and Germany that were the targets of our collective irrational hate. They were the countries that would not directly support us (to a degree of our liking) in the Iraq war by sending troops. Those countries live a little close to that battlefield and decided to sit this one out.

Americans responded by refusing to order French fries at McDonalds and by boycotting German beer. (Stupid Americans that is. Papa Riah wouldn’t abandon German beer even if Hitler rose back to power, as I have my priorities straight.) They soon forgave Germany however – that one didn’t last long at all. But Americans held unto their French hatred for some inexplicable reason, many even to this day. For some reason stupid Americans just want to hate the French and will take any excuse to do so.

It doesn’t make sense. The war in Iraq is unpopular. The President associated with that war is unpopular. But bashing the French for not sending troops to that unpopular war led by that unpopular President is, somehow, popular.

Even for hardcore right-wingers this position is nothing more than pure unwarranted hatred. It isn’t much different from the Nazis hating the Jews (or the modern day Arabs hating the Jews, for that matter). There were plenty of other European countries who weren’t bullied into sending troops to Iraq. For example: Switzerland, Holland, and Denmark. Why aren’t they hated? What is it that makes the French such an easy target for bashing?

Perhaps many Americans forget that the French were our allies in the American Revolutionary war. If it wasn’t for their timely help we would not have won our independence in that war. The statue of liberty, the one universally recognized symbol of American freedom and national pride, was constructed by the French and given to us as a gift after our victory. My how soon we forget these things.

If you start talking about how you disrepect the French for being smart enough not to get involved in Iraq, be careful who you are talking to. That co-worker friend might actually turn out to be French. Then you will feel pretty stupid, won’t you? As you should.

Papa Riah




Issues of Entitlement

By admin

Are you a generally happy person? Thankful for all your blessings and appreciative of the good things you get to experience in life? Or are you an often-angry person, mad that others have more than you and not happy about the way the world works? If it’s the latter, I have a question for you: Just who the heck do you think you are? Why is it you think you deserve anything? The truth is you are darn lucky to have what you have, and that you aren’t starving in some third-world country somewhere.

The attitude that others shouldn’t have more than you, that it’s just not fair, is usually held by those who are not willing to do the work that those who have more do in order to get it. Welfare recipients think their welfare checks should be high enough that they get to drive an SUV and vacation in Europe too, just like their neighbor the workaholic who started a successful business in his spare time. What they don’t seem to understand is that the neighbor who busts his butt to get slightly ahead in life is also busting his butt to pay for that welfare check of his lazy neighbor.

It doesn’t matter to them. They hold a different world view than rational thinking people. Joe the plumber might save enough to finally purchase the company he works for through decades of hard work and wise financial planning. But angry-lazy people who hate society, work as little as possible, blow every cent they make on immediate pleasures, and spend all their spare time watching TV think Joe the plumber owes them something. He’s doing fine. But the angry-lazy people think that his “wealth” should be shared with everyone who didn’t work hard and didn’t bother saving any money.

There is a term used to describe the society which the lazy angry people envision. It’s called socialism. In a socialist society nobody has anything more than anybody else. The government takes most, or even all of, the money you earn and provides for all your needs. There is nothing to be jealous of because everybody has it the same way. Of course, nobody works hard to get ahead because there is no reward for it. So everybody has a very poor standard of living.

You know what? That suits the socialists just fine. They don’t necessarily want nice things for themselves. They just don’t want anybody else to be able to get nice things for themselves either. They want to drag everyone down to their pathetic level.

This dangerous attitude usually starts at a young age. It begins with – you guessed it – bad parenting. Not being able to say no to your child and refusing to discipline them raises them in a frame of mind which makes them think they were born kings or something, and that the world should be rushing to meet their every whim. This carries over into adulthood and causes problems.

If your child throws temper tantrums when they don’t get their way and you allow this, you are dangerously spoiling your kids. Spoiled kids grow up with issues of entitlement . They don’t understand how fortunate they are just to be healthy and living in a wealthy society. They think they deserve it all. What a misconception that is.

I have news for you: You aren’t entitled to anything by virtue of your existence. Nobody is. You might go to prison tomorrow, or come down with a terminal disease. Everything you have might be gone in an instant. There is no security in this life. If you are angry about other people having it better than you, then you need to seriously get over it. If you want more than you have put your nose to the grindstone and do something about it.

The recent election has resulted in our government being dominated by a political party who holds socialist views. That is an obvious fact, even to somebody like me who isn’t into politics. You can expect a flurry of socialist policies to materialize in the coming years. Those who work hard to get ahead will have an ever-growing percentage of the fruits of their labor confiscated and given to angry-lazy people who think they shouldn’t have to work hard to get the same rewards.

Now don’t get me wrong. Papa Riah is not a defender our current society. In fact I find much of it quite stupid, thus the existence of this blog. However socialism is clearly moving backwards. It’s been tried before and has always failed miserably. It results in violent revolutions and therefore must be instilled by military force upon the residents of it’s own country. But when people with issues of entitlement get control of world governments, as is apparently happening before our eyes, that nightmare becomes a very real threat.

Papa Riah

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Driving Tips for Asians

By admin

Ever wonder if there is a special DMV for Asians? I mean, some of the stuff you see them pull off just isn’t going to get you past the driving test unless the DMV test administrator is also Asian. (Hmmmmmm – maybe that’s how they do it.) Whether they have a license or not, most Asians could use a few driving tips. Being the humanitarian that I am, this post is dedicated to helping that cause. It’s for them, it’s for you, and it’s for me. If we can just get the Asians on board with the rest of us, the roads will become a much less hazardous place. And that’s good for all of us.

First off, I do want to mention that Papa Riah has many wonderful Asian friends. However none of them can drive worth a grain of rice. I often wonder if it’s the angled eyes. (If “angled” is now considered a derogatory term I apologize – please substitute another adjective to describe how Asian’s eyes look different from non-Asian’s.) Seriously – squint your eyes and look around. Do you think that would help or hinder in the driving process?

But there also seems to be something in the decision making process that just shuts down when they are on the road controlling a 4-wheel internal-combustion powered vehicle. I mean, they can ride a bicycle like nobody’s business. They can engineer fantastic solutions to insanely complicated technical problems. Let’s face it, most of them are wicked smart. But throw a simple problem at them like the donut shop is in the strip mall you just passed on the left and all their mental faculties just freeze up – along with their car.

Where I live there are a couple of Asian communities nearby. As you drive into these areas you know to slow down and be really careful. Vehicular obstacles are to be expected. Sudden unexpected moves anywhere from any car are something you need to factor into the possibilities when simply passing by another car in an adjacent lane – even going the opposite way. Things are not normal there.

With that in mind, here are some driving tips for our eastern friends.

• When there is only one of you and 100 of everybody else, it really is easier if you blend into what the 100 other people are doing as opposed to all of them stopping and conforming to what you are doing.

• From Webster:



[merging, merged]

1. to combine, esp. so as to become part of a larger whole: the two airlines merged in 1983

2. to blend gradually, without any sudden change being apparent: late afternoon merged imperceptibly into early evening [Latin mergere to plunge]

Try to remember that you are not alone on the road – there are other people driving all around you at all times. This is critical to understand.

• If you suddenly realize that the place you need to be is over there, the best course of action is not always to stop in the middle of moving traffic and attempt to make a direct B-line to that place you need to be. There might actually be objects in the way, not the least of which is opposing traffic.

• The rear view mirror shows you other cars that are driving behind you, at the same speed (that’s a safe bet). This is actually very helpful. You should get into the habit of looking into it to see what is happening behind you once in a while.

• The reason your side windows are made of clear glass is so you can see what is going on beside you on either side. Try looking through them some time – it’s really pretty cool.

• Those numbers on the speedometer – the reason they go so much higher than just the first few is that your car actually goes faster. Really.

Papa Riah