Teenage Girls are Trouble

By admin

If you are the parent of teenage girls, or girls who will soon become teenagers, you have my sympathy. Unless they have their heart set on becoming nuns, you are going to have your hands full. Even if you think you are doing a good job as a parent and have perfect little princess teenage girls, you can never really be sure. They are not about to tell you all about their developing hormones and what goes on in their social circles. It’s a safe bet that they have a certain part of their lives and thinking which they would just die if their parents ever found out about.

After all you were the same way when you were a teenager, regardless of your gender. Your kids are going to be no different. No matter how much you tighten the reigns they will find ways to act out as irresponsible teenagers (who think they should be able to make the same decisions that adults get to). The only difference between them and adults is the system society has bounded them by, in their view. And they will take every opportunity presented to them, no matter how brief, to break those bonds and express their independence.

Papa Riah is fortunate enough never to have been the parent of a teenage girl. I inherited a step-daughter who was well past that stage when I got involved in the deal. However Mama Riah tells me all the time of her efforts in that era. Basically she was the most strict parent in the world when it came to letting her daughter out of her site, but the most generous when she had control of exactly what she was doing. Because her daughter was very popular in high school, her garage became the hangout for her click. All her friends used to tease her when the street lights came on as that was when she usually had to be home.

Does that sound like a little too much? Well this girl so respects her upbringing that she constantly affirms to her mom that she will be raising her own children the same exact way. And she is the most well-adjusted person I have ever met, in spite of coming from a broken family.

It all starts well before the teenage years of course. If you are letting your 5-year old run your household, it’s a pretty safe bet that you will have major problems with them as a teenager. Have you seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Remember the spoiled brat little girl? Now how do you think she would have been as a teenager? You can expect some phone calls from the police during the teenage years if you are going to allow your little girl to act like that at a young age.

Looking around when you are out in public, you will no doubt notice that teenage girls who are unescorted by parents seem to be magnets for trouble. Especially ones who are apparently aware of their recent transformation into the adult-looking female form. They are throwing it out there as bait in the water, just to see how many different species of fish are interested in it – completely unaware or unconcerned of the dangers associated with this behavior. They are discovering themselves in a way that puts their very lives in danger, and flat-out don’t care.

Much too often in our society does an adult male well into his twenties find himself approached and tempted by a teenage girl who is 16 or 17 years of age. This is a dangerous situation for the guy, the girl, and the parents of the girl. But it’s something that happens all the time out there and the parents of the girl have no idea what’s going on. This is trouble. And this trouble is started by the promiscuous teenage girl, not the happy-go-lucky guy who becomes ensnared in the trap.

I’m sure you have noticed that anytime you drive by a teenage girl who is less than moderately dressed and you happen to innocently glance in her direction, she is always looking back at you. Now how can that be? It can only be because these girls are looking through the windshield at the driver of every car that drives by. If you happen to be a male less than retirement age, their gaze will stay with you longer than just a quick glance. Why? Because teenage girls are trouble. Real trouble. Good luck with your daughters, America.

Papa Riah.

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