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Lesbians Making Out on House

By admin

Papa Riah doesn’t watch much prime-time television. I have tried and tried and tried, but there just isn’t much there that is even vaguely interesting to me. I’d rather watch the same old movie on AMC again that I’ve seen 74 times. However there is one show I like and that is House. Every Saturday night when Mama Riah and I get back from going out to dinner somewhere we plop ourselves down and watch our Tivo’d episode of House, rerun or not.

This week the show decided to push the envelope and opened with a steamy lesbian sex scene, involving one of the regular cast members (this season anyway). It was definitely the most risque such material that has ever been aired on network television, to date. And on my favorite program, nonetheless! They did it in such a way that it fit right in with the dark nature of the show – so unless you were really paying attention to what just happened, you probably wouldn’t notice or even think twice about it.

So they slipped one in on us, and as a result have effectively paved the way for all manner of homosexual sex scenes on prime-time television. That’s what just happened. You don’t see male homosexual sex scenes on TV yet because that is a much more graphic connotation. Men actually possess the tools to… um… violate each other, while female homosexual sex (for lack of a better word) seems like a harmless little vice by comparison. At least that’s how society sees it at the moment.

Twenty years ago no way would this have flown. Fifty years ago you’d have a hard time finding something this radical in a porno movie. Seriously! Today it’s on regular network prime-time television. Give it twenty more years and the way things are going you can expect hardcore male-homosexual sex scenes on Sesame Street. Sure, you laugh at that now. But the notion of this last episode of House airing anywhere outside of cable TV was unfathomable just twenty years ago. You cannot deny the direction in which things are headed, and unless something happens to stop it that’s where we are going.

And nothing will probably happen to stop it because the bottom line is nobody cares. Heck even I don’t really care that much about it, and that’s part of what is so interesting. Watching two women make out is uncomfortable to me, as it is to most of you normal people who haven’t yet been converted into total perverts. But we sit there and pretend it isn’t, because we are conforming to the progress (for lack of a better word) of our culture around us. So even Papa Riah is being gradually lulled into submission by the forces that are slowly but surely degrading our society.

If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water he will immediately jump out. But if you put him in a pot of room-temperature water and turn the heat on underneath, he will stay in there and slowly boil to death. We are all frogs in a pot of water folks, and the heat has been turned up. Anybody notice?

Papa Riah

PS. If you don’t think society is degrading fast just take a look at the Google ads which are displaying on this page.  You know Google doesn’t allow ads for gambling-related products? So what gives with this stuff?



Cigars versus Cigarettes

By admin

Good cigars have been trendy for over a dozen years now. This is another one of those fads that seem to have staying power. I for one am glad about it, as Papa Riah enjoys a nice Romeo and Julieta after a good meal (or sometimes just when kicking back in the outdoors) once in a while. I definitely consider them to be a life-enhancing product. Cigarettes on the other hand, have been a scourge upon society for almost a century.

If that sounds like a harsh statement, you must not be a smoker! Most cigarette smokers will agree in a heartbeat (those who have one left anyway) that they are a horrible plague upon the Earth and wish they never took their first puff. That’s quite a contrast to the way I feel about cigars. Cigar smokers tend to think happy thoughts about their chosen method of tobacco enjoyment, while cigarette smokers tend to swear the next smoke will be their last.

The difference in attitude towards the two products from their individual consumer groups is interesting, to say the least. To understand the reason behind it, you would need to think back to the 19th century before cigarettes became mainstream. Pipes and cigars were the tobacco products of old, and they had a different stigma about them. They were somehow dignified and respected, and the number of smokers who resembled a human chimney were quite a small percentage of tobacco users.

Even in the 1950’s many people smoked cigarettes only recreationally, after a meal perhaps or while enjoying cocktails. Think about the television show I Love Lucy. Do you consider Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel to be cigarette smokers? Certainly not by modern society standards, but on that show they all were. (This was before it was discovered that they kill you.) Notice how they didn’t have to have one at every work break or whenever they were driving.

There are two basic reasons that cigarettes have become a negative element in our culture:

1. People in modern society are gluttons. Consequently anything even mildly addictive will be abused as much as humanly possible.

2. People in modern society are oblivious. Especially cigarette smokers. Consequently smokers are in the habit of greatly inconveniencing non-smokers, even to the point of endangering their health.

Have you ever sat next to a smoker at a bar? If you have, chances are that you got to know their brand of smokes up close and personal as they held their cigarette in your face. After all they don’t want it in their face, so they hold it off to their side at head level – which is right smack in your eyes and nose. It’s absolutely amazing.

When I was younger I had an aunt that died of lung cancer. On her death bed my other aunt (her sister) held a cigarette up to her lips so she could get a few last puffs of the thing that killed her before she died. So she was loyal to her killer right to the end.

Cigars are not without health risks. President Grant, better known as General Grant, died from throat cancer as a result of his obsession with them. However most cigar smokers indulge in less than half a dozen stogies per month, if that many. And as a rule they are very courteous to non-smokers, seeking solitude in an outdoor area to enjoy their fine tobacco. Perhaps that is why (in their modern trendiness) cigars once again enjoy an image associated with a certain stigma.



I Like OJ Simpson

By admin

If he shows up at my house empty handed I will invite him in, feed him, clothe him, and give him a place to sleep. Seriously. The main reason I like the guy is because you hate him. If it wasn’t for that I probably wouldn’t have an opinion about him one way or the other. It makes him a very interesting character in our society. He’s always good for news and gossip items, and as a satirical blogger you can’t have a much better subject for material. But it really isn’t him that makes him so interesting, it’s you.

That’s right, you. You are the one that makes him who he is, and you are the one who has developed his character into a media magnet. You are responsible for the nightly news broadcasting to Mars every time he steps on a crack in the sidewalk. It’s all your doing. If you didn’t give a hoot about the guy, if you didn’t hate him, he’s be a nobody. Ironically, that’s probably a lot closer to the justice which you think he rightly deserves.

I don’t have any idea what’s going to happen to him now. He was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping in one of those cases that involves parents and kids and divorces. Private family stuff, but when everyone hates you nothing is private family stuff any more. The jury hates him just as much as you do. But he very well might skate again and be back out on the golf courses in South Florida soon. How would that grab you?

Why do you hate him so much? For that matter, why do you hate anyone that much? As a matter of fact, why do you let the emotion of hate creep into your life and consume you like this? Is this something your life is benefiting from?

Truth is, you don’t even know the guy. You don’t know if he murdered his wife or not. You really don’t! He was charged with a crime and acquitted through due process of the American justice system. There are of thousands of guys just like him who you don’t care about at all. Just watch some crime-time TV and you’ll see plenty of them, all deserving the same amount of energy and emotion that you spend when thinking about The Juice.

Hate is one of the ugliest things consuming our society. If you heard the latest news about OJ and thought to yourself, Good! …then I would guess that you are dangerously consumed by it. You shouldn’t be happy over bad news for other people (whom you don’t even know), and you shouldn’t let the media dictate your emotions.

Be your own person for crying out loud. Besides, can you imagine what it would be like to be the most hated man in America? The reality is, just a small turn of bad luck could very well land you in the exact same position. Really.

Papa Riah