Politics Creates Hate

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One of the reasons that Papa Riah sees social issues so clearly is that he is not blinded by emotions. I have an unbiased observational viewpoint. You can’t do this if you find yourself politically motivated in life. Once you take a political stance you no longer see things clearly. Everything must pass through that filter before you can form an opinion about anything, and sometimes your opinion will be the wrong one as a result. Not because you aren’t smart, but because you must surrender pure observation to the allegiance you have formed with a certain set of ideals.

That isn’t good. Even if you think you are still your own person, you really aren’t once you decide to have a strong political viewpoint. You now belong to that set of ideals. It owns your ass. If that sounds a bit scary, it should. If that sounds silly, it’s probably because you are already hopelessly owned by a set of ideals that you sold yourself out to.

Some people take this even farther than that and pretty much ruin their lives. They end up a boiling cauldron of hate directed at the other side. This is a horrible waste of your life’s energy. We all know people like this. At work, certain friends, even family members. The sad thing is, they probably wouldn’t even agree with all the radical viewpoints they are forced to express now that they have labeled themselves an extremist.

Mama Riah has a co-worker like this who is a hard-core liberal. My wife made the mistake of actually expressing her opinions about certain things early in her relationship. She was promptly met with angry, attitude-driven statements like So you want people in China to starve! You want people in die in Iraq! All because Mama Riah happens to believe that an American should support whoever happens to be President to show a little national pride. This lashing out in anger simply wasn’t warranted. These people stand poised to blame what they perceive are all the worlds problems on anyone who isn’t as crazy as they are.

Mama Riah had to ask this person to please not discuss politics any more and their work relationship has become strained because of it. After all, what’s left for them? I highly advise not becoming like this. here is a video clip from the late Richard Jeni (one of the greatest stand-up comics ever) putting a humorous spin on the whole concept.

Papa Riah

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